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About Us

Titan Poker is one of the online industry's leading fully supported poker Card Rooms. Titan Poker software was developed and maintained by Playtech, one of the leading online gaming software companies, with vast experience from the "brick and mortar" casino world.

We greatly value our clients' patronage and strive to establish trustful relationships with each and every individual. We are confident that you will enjoy your online gaming experience at Titan Poker, and in our mission to set higher industry standards for products and service, we want to hear from you.

Earning the trust and confidence of our members is a primary goal here at Titan Poker and the key to our success. We aim to make everyone feel 100% comfortable playing poker at our tables from day one and have taken every effort to ensure so. From using true random number generators to ensure total game integrity to providing our players with real-time on demand transaction and game histories from within the poker software to securing and protecting the privacy of our players with 128-bit SSL technology - these are the driving forces behind the way we run our business and our daily operations. We have also put in place the most advanced combination of statistical analysis tools and expert vigilance to provide the industry's most effective shield against player collusion.

Any and all information received from players is held in the strictest confidence by Titan Poker. Player information will never be forwarded to any organization for commercial or any other gain, save that required by law.For security reasons Titan Poker has the right to ask players to provide official documents to prove that he is the rightful account holder. Documents that may be required include: a copy of the front and back of the player's registered credit card, an identification card, a confirmation deposit form, and proof of address. Please be aware that we will ask for these documents when you make your first withdrawal.

Titan Poker employs a combination of automated and human monitoring tools to identify and prevent any irregular play patterns or incidences of collusion between players, thus ensuring fair gaming and a pleasant, honest poker environment. Advanced algorithms designed by veteran poker professionals and industry experts are set to trigger system events should any such patterns be identified; all gaming activity - every card, hand, move, win, loss, etc. - is recorded by the system to aid investigation. Player collusion is something that all players detest, and is a form of cheating whereby two or more players are working together to gain an unfair advantage over other players on a table. Titan Poker has enlisted the services of a team of experienced Poker players utilizing a sophisticated monitoring system that automatically detects suspicious play patterns in the Poker tables.