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Frequently Asked Support Questions

1. Photo ID Verification

Why is my photo ID invalid?

If your photo ID is deemed invalid, it is likely for one of the following reasons:

  1. The ID you uploaded does not contain your birth date.
  2. The photo ID is unreadable.
  3. The photo ID is not in the image uploaded.
  4. The ID code is not in the image uploaded.
  5. The ID code is not handwritten.
  6. The ID code was digitally placed next to the ID.

2. Raked Hands

Do I earn raked hands when playing SnG and other Tournaments?

No, you do not earn raked hands while playing tournaments. You must play cash ring games to earn raked hands.

3. Eligible Countries

Is my country eligible for the free Titan bankroll?

The following countries are not eligible for our free bankroll offer:

Afghanistan, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Estonia, France, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, United States, Venezuela, Vietnam